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Cliff Papik
Designer & Maker
exploring the art of furniture in wood

Pillow Surfing

Sub Category

This entry-height table represents a stylized stack of pillows, with a cantilevered top that appears to ride on them, as if on a wave. Constructed of solid wood, the stack is secured by 36 floating tenons.

30"L x 13"H x 30"L

Walnut and curly maple.


Sub Category

This console table offers a light, clean look with references to mid-20th century style and a splash of color. The suspended center section contains a drawer and a disguised cabinet tall enough to store vases, candlesticks or other such items. For those living a Jason Bourne fantasy, REDRUM contains a secret storage box suitable for small documents, cash, or passports. It is constructed of solid wood, with an inlaid stripe across the top and drawer pulls made of coal.

49"L x 14"W x 29"H

Walnut, dyed and natural maple, and curly maple.

Five Table

Sub Category

Numeric symbols have varied greatly around the world and constantly evolved through history. Yet they repeatedly exhibit a few simple forms. The Five Table takes this reference literally; it is a visual meditation on one such symbol. With a dramatic cantilevered top, it forms the familiar modern five shape when viewed in profile. Marquetry on the drawer front displays the symbol for the number five from five ancient numerical writing systems: hieratic Egyptian, Brahmi from India, Babylonian, Mayan, and Attic Greek. In addition, the core center portion consists of five bricklayed layers, with additional representations of the number on the underside of the top. The table is constructed from 115 'bricklayed' pieces giving its convoluted shape strength without additional support.

24"L x 17.5"W x 24"H

Black limba, black limba and yellow- and black-dyed veneers.

Never Set Your Drink On A Pillow

Sub Category

This side table is a companion to the Pillow Surfing entry table. The stack of pillows is surmounted by a tabletop featuring a picture of a spilled cocktail in marquetry. Each pillow is secured by two floating tenons for a total of 28 in the entire stack.

15"L x 15"W x 24"H

Curly maple, various veneers.

Flavor of New Mexico No1

Sub Category

This coffee table was inspired by southwestern style furniture that could be seen in the old railroad hotels of the Santa Fe line. Made of solid wood, it has a drawer on each end and a lizard inlaid in the top. The top shifts to the side to bring it closer to a sofa without moving the whole table.

36"L x 22"W x 18"H

Canarywood, cherry.

Flavor of New Mexico No2

Sub Category

This side table is a companion to the Flavor of New Mexico coffee table, representing a solid yet refined Southwestern style. Like the coffee table, it has a drawer on each end and a lizard inlaid in the top. The mitered apron and drawer fronts are made from a single board so that the grain pattern wraps around continuously.

24"L x 16"W x 22"H

Canarywood, cherry.