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Cliff Papik
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exploring the art of furniture in wood

Gutenberg's Unintended Consequence

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This is a series of small, portable bookshelves in a minimalist, contemporary style. The #417 (single shelf) and #528 (double shelf) are tabletop models. The Gutenberg series was conceived to address specific and extreme design goals: maximum simplicity, easy assembly/disassembly without any tools, and interchangeability. Made from solid wood components, the Gutenberg shelves consistent of only four pieces, identical pairs of two parts. With no permanent joinery, the parts slide into place in seconds. They can be similarly disassembled for transport or storage, taking up minimal space.

16.5"W x 7.5"D x 8.5"H (#528 22.5"H

Pictured-- #417 dyed curly maple, #528 curly maple, walnut.