Detail : wood : Non-Traditional Furniture Design and Art - Cliff Papik
Cliff Papik
Designer & Maker
exploring the art of furniture in wood

Storage a la Louboutin

Sub Category

This wall-mounted curio cabinet represents a curvaceous box with its corner peeled open. The bright red, tiled rear wall can be glimpsed through the opening, bringing to mind the iconic red-soled Louboutin heels.

23"W x 23"H x 7"D

Walnut, maple, veneers: mappa burl, dyed curly maple, and dyed curly ash.

Pillow Surfing

Sub Category

This entry-height table represents a stylized stack of pillows, with a cantilevered top that appears to ride on them, as if on a wave. Constructed of solid wood, the stack is secured by 36 floating tenons.

30"L x 13"H x 30"L

Walnut and curly maple.