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Cliff Papik
Designer & Maker
exploring the art of furniture in wood

Cocktails in Space

Sub Category

This is a liquor cabinet masquerading as a spacecraft. It juxtaposes grace and chunkiness, with metal trim, exposed screws, and carbon-fiber doors offering an industrial vibe with a Rube Goldberg touch. The small footprint hides generous storage space. The large opening and Lazy Susan of the upper cabinet allow easy access to bottles, while the lower cabinet’s deep drawer with compartmented storage provides space for accessories and supplies. Between the cabinets, a pullout shelf with a marquetry picture of a spilled drink offers a horizontal work surface. The interior lighting color is adjustable via a control dial in the nose-cone.

32" diameter x 73"H

Walnut, maple, curly maple, dyed ash and popular veneer, carbon fiber doors, aluminum trim, interior and exterior lighting.

Never Set Your Drink On A Pillow

Sub Category

This side table is a companion to the Pillow Surfing entry table. The stack of pillows is surmounted by a tabletop featuring a picture of a spilled cocktail in marquetry. Each pillow is secured by two floating tenons for a total of 28 in the entire stack.

15"L x 15"W x 24"H

Curly maple, various veneers.

Aerial View de la Rue de la Bou

Sub Category

Marquetry picture of an aerial view of a street from a dream

15.25"H x 9.25"W

Various veneers, wenge frame