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Cliff Papik
Designer & Maker
exploring the art of furniture in wood
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Cliff Papik

Cliff Papik is a furniture designer and artist based in Fallbrook, CA, near San Diego. He designs and builds commissioned pieces for clients as well as works of his own inspiration.

From the Artist:

Working primarily in wood, I see furniture as interactive art, at once functional, beautiful, evocative, and sometimes thought-provoking. Furniture can be a tool, a decorative object, or a container to give shape to space; it is often all three.

My work would generally be described as contemporary, sometimes as “art furniture”, but I do not seek to replicate any recognized style.

COLOR is an important feature of both our interior and exterior environments. I like to see it used boldly in furniture, rather than treat furniture as a neutral backdrop.

SURPRISE is a characteristic that helps bring furniture to life. In each piece I strive to offer something surprising on the outside and the inside.

WOOD is a fascinating medium that can possess great natural beauty, unparalleled versatility, and in some cases a personal meaning. But it doesn't “speak for itself”, though this phrase is commonly heard. The job of the wood furniture designer is to use the qualities that wood offers to help create objects that express a vision and enhance our living environment.

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